Blogging… yet again!


I have to say that i’m not that new to blogging, as i have a few stupid kiddy blogs back then when i was like, in junior high or something. It was for fun so i didn’t really have the commitment to write every-single-breathing-day. It came to me just now that i have the sudden urge to come back to writing in blogs again.. Oh, my life in a snowball? umm.. because my life in a nutshell is too mainstream! HAHA.

Carry on now…

So yeah, for those of you who don’t really know me, I’m an Indonesian girl, twenty one years old, five-feet-one tall, about forty-five kg, currently living & studying in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. My family’s in Jakarta, Indonesia. I’ve been living in KL since July 2010 so that will be almost 4 years now.. I started off studying in the so-called most prestigious private institution in Malaysia, Taylor’s University. Trust me, it’s not so prestigious, just overrated with lots of distractions all around campus area. LOL. I studied Diploma in Culinary Arts. ** ohhhh so you must be so good in cooking & baking??** umm, yeah well not so good now, LOL! I was quite passionate towards cooking & baking back then, but i dread washing the dishes and cleaning up! HAHA i guess most girls can relate to that. I studied in Taylor’s for 2 years. Yeah, 2 years. Fast right? I know. I have no idea why, as most people normally do their diploma for 3 years. But it’s all goooood.

Taylorian Life

Taylorian Life

Taylor's University Lakeside Campus

Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus.

Now.. I’m currently continuing with my studies. I took American Degree in HELP College of Arts & Technology (HELP CAT) **no puns please.** I’m majoring in International Business. So yeah, that’s quite a big leap, from culinary to business! I’ve got a few people asking why i didn’t continue degree in culinary or hospitality. Well, i did randomly apply for degree scholarship in Taylor’s, and i did get it. A 50% scholarship for a degree in Hospitality Management. But then, after a few work experience in the F&B line, it got me thinking that it probably doesn’t suit me, working in the F&B/Hotel line. So i just forget about it and move on with my bright future. **ahem.**

Help College of Arts & Technology

As i finished my Diploma in June 2013, i moved back to Jakarta in July 2013.. Applied for a job here and there, finally in September 2013 i got a job in Bali! yeah i know, some of you might think it’s fun with all the beaches and sunny days all year round. I got a job as a Secretary for a Purchasing Manager, in a five-star hotel & resort in Tanjung Benoa, Bali. It’s not exactly secretary, but more like site supervisor! LOL. Because the hotel’s renovating itself so, my dad’s colleague, asked me to work there to check on the renovation, as i study hospitality. So i worked there for about 6 months, till i decided that i wanna move back to KL!



So on February 2013, i went to KL, try to apply for a job in a few places, didn’t really worked out since the companies only can help to apply work permit for those professional worker (who have some specialities, e.g. analyst, scientist, managers). So i asked my ex-boss in JW Marriott KL if there’s any vacancy he knew about. Then he hooked me up with a job as a Banquet coordinator in The Majestic Hotel KL, it went well for few weeks. But again, due to the work visa matter, i can’t do it. You will need to pay an agent to apply for the visa and blablablaahhh. So i gave up. And i spent about 5 months trying to figure out what i wanna do. On that 5 months, i went to KL back and forth, to visit a special someone. HEH.

That's me. In a uniform. At The Majestic Hotel KL.

That’s me. In a uniform. At The Majestic Hotel KL.

And then i finally decided to continue my studies here in KL. So i went back to Jakarta to contact my education agent, told her that i wanna do my degree in S**i College KL, but then, i started to doubt my decision when i browsed the pictures of the campus from their foursquare page. By that time, my parents had already paid for the registration fees. So when i told them i wanna change college, they flipped out. Well, how could they not? My dad have spent a large amount of $$$ for my registration fees in the first college. But they can’t do much as it was my decision. Then i dawned upon HELP CAT when i was browsing through the net. So i braved myself, told my parents about it, confirmed it. And yeah, i finally went in to HELP CAT. It’s a decent, new campus, with a different environment. An environment that won’t make my wallet burn when it’s time for lunch. Taylor’s ppl will understand the struggle to find a ‘cheap’ meal when it’s the end of the month! LOL.

Now, about my love life… I remember clearly that i have no intentions to find any love interests here in KL when i first started my studies. But towards the end of my diploma life, i found him. A friend of mine from my class, Shu, asked me to go to Zouk Club KL as there were a DJ coming, it was DADA LIFE. She asked me to go out several times but i turned her down as i wasn’t 21 yet. haha. So i went out. I met him there. He was my friend’s friend’s colleague! LOL. Fast forward… We chatted in Fb and Whatsapp.. Went out on a couple different occasion. Then i have to go back to Jakarta. While i was in Jakarta, we kept on chatting, staying in touch with each other. Finally on a fine September night, he went and asked me to be his girlfriend, so i said yes. And our relationship went on from there. Our relationship started out OK, with a bit of arguing here and there **which couple doesn’t argue at times?**, and also the distance. He’s in KL, and i’m in Bali. We didn’t really feel attached to each other yetdue to the long distance, we didn’t get to spend much time to get to know each other. But on December, we met in Jakarta, for DWP (an Indonesian EDM event).

Djakarta Warehouse Project 2013 -- Avicii on the deck.

Djakarta Warehouse Project 2013 — Avicii on the deck.

From there, we started to become more like a couple? I don’t know how to say it, but we started to be more affectionate and more caring, fell towards each other deeper everyday. **ahemm** yeah so after that, we become more attached than ever, but there’s still some issues about this and that. Now, i can say that we have the same commitment for each other.

Introducing, Mr. Yap Jie Jong ♥

Introducing, Mr. Yap Jie Jong ♥

I guess the introduction post is enough for today. Will blog more soon!



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