BLABBERS // 50 Random Facts About Me

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Happy weekend everybodeh! I was just thinking of doing this random facts post thingy. So let’s jump in!

50 Random Facts About Me

50 Random Facts About Me

1. My full name is Indri Novita, and I don’t have like an official family name. Lol.
2. I’m a Scorpio, and I love it!
3. I love shopping. (Which girl doesn’t?) Particularly clothes and makeup!
4. My name have meaning, lol. ‘Indri’ means ‘beautiful’ in Javanese. And ‘novita’ was just because I was born in November.. My dad gave the name to me.
5. I have a preauricular synus / ear pit on both of my ears. I googled this recently. And it’s something like a birth defect and it’s common! Phew. It’s not a big problem but it can be when it’s infected. It will release some white discharge that have some sort of a smell to it. Sometimes I squeeze it to clean the discharge or for fun at times. Lol. The ear pit looks something like this :

Preauricular Ear Pit

Preauricular Ear Pit

6. I have a blue mole on my lower back, I have no idea why. Lol

Weird Blue Mole

Weird Blue Mole

7. I have 2 elder sisters; 4 dogs. 😀

8. I’m a Chinese-Indonesian. Yes yes. I know I don’t look like one. And no Chinese name. But I am. Just that I don’t speak Chinese. It’s because of Indonesian government banned the people to have Chinese name and ordered them to change it to an Indonesian name. And we are not taught to speak/write/read Chinese at the public and private schools.

9. I am twenty one. Gosh. I feel so old just because most of my college friends are waaaaaaay younger than me. Geez.
10. I enrolled to a vocal class back when I was around 14/15 years old and attend a competition with a bunch of girls, I forgot the song we sang. Lol
11. I got a deep cut on my left thumb. I got it during my internship at a restaurant 2 years ago. I got 4 stitches for it. But it’s all better now.
12. I HATE scallion, onion, parsley, shallot, ‘petai’, ‘jengkol’, ginger, and DURIAN!!! I hate those food that have some sort of weird smell and bitter taste. I always take my time to put those things aside.
13. I LOVEEEEE candies, cakes, anything sweet basically. But my teeth looks awesome. Lol.
14. My favorite number is 1 and 21. HEHE.
15. I have a straight/wavy black hair. I wanted to dye it for the longest time but too hesitant to do just because my hair stylist said that it would do more damage to my hair as my hair has an extremely fine structure.
16. I love giving and receiving gifts on any occasions. But most importantly on birthdays! **hint** nowadays people can’t be bothered to get a gift and they would replace it with treats like ‘free meals’ and such. I just love the feeling of getting a gift, taking a peek of it, and unwrapping it. I feel like a kid again. Haha

Valentine's Gift for the boyfie.

Valentine’s Gift for the boyfie.

Xmas Pressie from the boyfie. Pardon my bare face. lol

17. I have a ‘vintage’ taste. In terms of decorations. My bf always said that, why you like those old old style/model? Geez. And i’m like, I don’t know, think it’s because I see them and I feel that it looks simple yet still have that luxurious feel.
18. I’m addicted to biting my nails. Yes. My bf and my friends who saw my nails sure will scold me for doing that. But I like it! It’s so hard to resist that hard cuticle, I just want to cut them off. And when I do grow my nails, it takes a long time, and a lot of resistance!
19. I have an Instax camera to capture precious moments. I only use it on certain occasion. Example when I go abroad or to some events. Just because the film is pricey. Lol
20. I have no food allergy but I think my neck is quite sensitive to heat and certain makeup ingredients. Example, when I was in Bangkok, Thailand, my neck developed a rash so bad that I have the urge to scratch it every second. And recently, I think is . because of my new MUFE foundation.
21. Is the love date. Lol. And Jie Jong’s birthday date too. We’ve been dating for almost 2 years now.
22. I love pork! Bacon, pork belly, minced pork, pork loin, anything! Haha.
23. I love watching movies in movie theaters and eating those salty and fat buttery popcorns
24. I love to travel and go places!
25. I think I have a bit of OCD. I TRY to organize my things as neat as possible. That includes my lecture notes. I would always scribble first then I would re-write it at home with colored pens and all.
26. I often do things alone and I love it. I sometimes eat, shop, study alone. Some people would ask others to accompany them do this and that. It seems wrong for some people to be eating alone for example. wtf right. why? I don’t know.
27. I actually (need to) wear glasses. But I only wear them when i’m driving or when i’m in class.
28. When I was a kid, I always wanted to learn ballet and play the violin. But I never did until now. Hmm
29. I had several small incidents when I was around 17 years old. One time I got hit by a motorcycle and got few scratches and bruises on my arms and legs.
30. I wanted to model. Just because I love playing dress up and make up. But i’m too short for that. And I once applied for a stewardess job in Singapore Airlines, again i’m too short just by a few centimeters.
31. I wanna go to Paris! And Rome!
32. I teach myself a lot of things off YouTube. Haha
33. I wanted to film a video of makeup tutorials or vlogs but i’m too shy. And I feel awkward. Lol
34. I love Hardwell, Nicky Romero, Showtek, Avicii, Calvin Harris, and Steve Aoki. I know. Whatever.
35. I’m blessed to have a boyfriend like Jie Jong. He’s the only person that can constantly make me laugh, understands me when I talk in out-of-the-world language, and just love me. I never love someone so hard before. He make me fell in love with him everyday. Can’t even stay mad at him for a day!
36. I’m 157 cm short and 45 kg. Lol.
37. I’m not a morning person. Not at all.
38. My mom spoils me a lot. I was sent off & picked up by her most of the time from elementary until high school.
39. I have a phobia of losing my mom in the supermarket. Hahaha.
40. Most people who saw me would say i’m arrogant or snobby. But once they get to know me, they’d say i’m crazy. Lol i’m just shy around new people okay, not that I don’t wanna make friends!
41. I love anything spicy! I’d put black pepper/red pepper/chili flakes on my food.
42. I love anything handwritten, just because it takes time and effort to do. Makes it really valuable and precious.
43. Sometimes I tend to be quite judgmental.
44. I go through stages where I would practically live on instant noodles for a few days then get tired of it, then after few weeks, I get the cravings for it.
45. I love oranges, grapes, mangoes, apples, cherries, strawberries, and raspberries!
46. I usually broke at the end of the month, because I spend my money on food, clothes and makeups.
47. I hate hangovers. Especially the puking ones. Lol. I puked 2 times. Once on 2014 New Years, I puked water in my Bf’s car and second one was when i’m in Bangkok, I drank god-knows how many glasses of beers. I puked on the wash basin in the toilet. Lol.
48. I club just because I love to dress up and make up and dance and be tipsy and have fun. Lol. It’s kinda like a stress reliever.
49. I own more heels than flats. Mostly 5 inch heels.  Damn bad ass I know. And mostly are in black color. HAHA
50. I’m always on my iPhone. Lol.


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