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Hello Hello!!

Now I’m already in the 2nd semester of uni and the assignments keep on flowing. T_T Die me. But seriously, the amount of assignments that is due within the next few weeks are just plain ridiculous. Argh. Why. oh. Why. I have a tendency to make a blog and then abandon it for a long time, I just hope I won’t abandon this one. HEHE.

Okay back to some makeup stuffs, here I’ve put together some products that I wanna get, mostly are out of reach, just because it’s not available here, so I will need to ask someone to grab it for me or get it myself at the airport duty-free if I travel abroad. So here we go!

(Current) Beauty Wishlist

(Current) Beauty Wishlist

Yep. That’s A LOT of things! haha! And I think I’mma brush freak now, they’re just too soft on the skin! (Well most high-ends do). They’re just too pretty and I just can’t hold myself to get more! And some are other people’s HG products, that might be my HG product too. So I wanna give it a try. And if you notice, there are some products that looks and have a similar function. They’re from different brand! Different brands have different quality. (excuses) Besides, a girl can never have too many make up products. Right. Right? Right!!!

I guess I got the beauty virus from my mom, LOL. But I have yet to make a non-beauty products wishlists just because currently I don’t really have anything particular in mind. So will update on that sooner or later. OH and I might gonna have a Birthday wishlist **HINT HINT**!!!! HEHEHE. I know, I know, my birthday’s still 5 more months to go. But I’m just too excited! xD


xox ♥


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