HAUL // Mini Daiso Haul

So this week I have been going to Daiso for two times now. And I discovered few items worth buying for only RM 5 each (± Rp 18.500)!!! Because recently I have been helping my bf’s mom at the boutique in The Curve, so when I was on my break, I would go to Daiso after or before having my lunch.

Daiso, The Curve. (Credit to herbdonald.wordpress.com)

Daiso, The Curve. (Credit to herbdonald.wordpress.com)

OK so let’s get to the haul! I love doing haul posts 😀

Mini Daiso Haul

Mini Daiso Haul

1. Classic Rose Embossed Mirror

I got this because the boyfie broke my old one. ಠ_ಠ

2. Acrylic Divided Cube (or whatever it is called)

Have been eager to organize my make up things and others too, so first off, my makeups, invest a lot in them, gotta get ’em a nice place to live in. LOL. You can use this for brush holder or pen holder, whatever. But I choose to use it to put my makeup & skincare things. Will be doing a make up organization/storage post soon!

3. Puff & Sponge Detergent

So last time I saw a blog mentioning this particular item. It claims that this detergent can clean off even the dirtiest make up brush or sponge. So I decided to give it a try. Therefore, gonna do some brush / sponge cleaning tutorial post soon too! And I bought 2 just for stock purposes. LOL

4. Detergent for ‘Woman’ (?)

LOL. I know the product name sounds weird, but it says that it can clean off woman’s underwear from period residue and those other yucky stuff. And besides, washing  your underwear using a normal detergent is too mainstream (?) lol.


… until next time!


xox ♥



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