BLABBERS // Birthday Weekend

Hello hello!

Finally the weekend I’ve been waiting for is here!!! Last weekend was my birthday. Exactly on Saturday, 1st of November. No more forever 21 now! HAHA! Nevertheless, I still feel blessed to be able to live for another year. Cheesy statements aside, I don’t feel anything different being one year older! LOL. Don’t ask why I just don’t know.

Well, prior to my birthday, I don’t really feel excited at all, maybe due to PMS (??) so few days before that I kept on having mood swings, feeling bored in class and all. And I actually told my boyfriend about it, and told him how I felt when he told me he was going to be home late on my birthday eve! When actually he’s already planned something for me! Oh that little sneaky boy!

He came home a little later than 12 AM and messaged me telling that he’s drunk and asked me to accompany him back from his car to the house. Knowing I’ll surrender when he kept begging me to come out. So I came out. And when I reached the parking lot and walked towards his car, I saw him holding a piece of cake and a bouquet of roses. I don’t know how to feel when he surprised me like that coz honestly he’s not really the most romantic guy or the most surprising guy I know. So I gave him a poker face (i.e -.-) cause I still felt a bit upset on him for leaving me alone on my birthday eve! Yeah so he lit up the candle on the cake and sang ‘Happy Birthday’ for me while I just stared at the cake and then blows the candle without making a wish first! Haha! That’s how blur i was. Then we go home and he kept on teasing me and bumping me until he dropped the cake he was holding! Way to go… =.=

Then at home he told me that he’s been planning to surprise me the whole day. He said that he purposely didn’t mention anything regarding my birthday so I’d think that he had forgotten all about it. And then after work, he went out with his colleagues for a drink then he told them that he needed to go back earlier because it’s my birthday, then he went from Pudu area to Times Square to get me a cake in Starbucks, it was already late (around 9pm-10pm). Oh and when he bought the cake, the girl barista even flirted at him, and when he told her that the cake was for his girlfriend’s birthday, the girl immediately gave him a sour face. HAHA! Then he even went in to Times Square when it’s already closed just to get a candle from Baskin Robbins by telling the security guards some white lies! Really.. I can’t even. Then from Times Square he went back to Pudu to get some flowers. He purposely get a flower that haven’t really bloomed so it’ll last longer.

The whole night he kept telling me how he planned all these and I only can smile cause I never thought he would do that such thing. Although he made me upset the whole day, I can’t help but to feel so grateful for having such a loving boyfriend who would go the extra mile and surprised me. I told him that he has set a bar for himself this year, so I expected something bigger for my birthday next year. Then he said, like give you ring? hahaa~ 

Flower Bouquet

Flower Bouquet

Then the next day, we went out to Pavilion just for a birthday date. Roamed around to find some place to get dinner. In the end, we settled for seafood. So we head out and went to Fish Farm Thai Restaurant in Ulu Langat, Ampang (017-2515235/019-2606493) for our birthday dinner. The place was sooooooo secluded and far from the main road that he kept telling me, what dinner? I want to sell you, you scare? haha~ Then I just kept saying ‘ya right!’. Then at the place, he told me that we can feed the fishes in the pond here. So when we got to our table, we ordered some food and just talking about random stuff.

Birthday Outing

Birthday Date



Salted Egg Squid

Salted Egg Squid (RM 18)

Steamed Talapia

Steamed Talapia (RM 30)

Fried Mantis Prawn

Fried Mantis Prawn (RM 75)

Four Kinds of Vegetables with Prawn

Four Kinds of Vegetables with Prawn (RM 13)

Big Clams

Big Clams — Spoon for size comparison

Big Clams

Big Clams (RM 36)

Big Chewy Clam

Big Chewy Clam

The food was OK I guess. The squid was nothing worth shouting, the veges too. But the clams were so big and chewy that my jaw felt tired just from chewing it. The star of the night was definitely the Mantis prawn, the flesh was so tender and sweet because they just grilled it so no other taste overpowered it. The steamed fish was OK, we actually had our first fish returned because it had a lot of ginger and all we can taste is the ginger, luckily the manager / owner were nice enough to let us return it and gave us a new one, this time with less ginger but still have the ginger taste although not too much like the first one. We both agreed that the fish was standard, we wished we ordered something different earlier. Oh well. The bill came up with a total of RM 190.05 for the both of us. We were quite surprised to be honest, cause we thought we will need to fork out somewhere around RM 300+ for the dinner. I must say that the price was quite reasonable but the food was nothing special, maybe we’ll try other things if we happened to came back.

Just so it happened that night was a Halloween night in Zouk Club KL, we decided to go after some thinking because initially the bf didn’t want to go because none of his friends go, only his colleague wanna go. Then I told him that I wanna go because I never been to a Halloween party before and it’s fun to makeup and dress up once a year. I dressed up as an earless cat! haha! because I was so unprepared and didn’t plan earlier on what to dress up as. The bf wanted to be an infected zombie. HAHA. Didn’t take much pictures that night, I don’t know why.


Then the next day, my bf’s family decided to get me a cake and have a belated birthday celebration at home. And that’s it! So now, my anthem all year-long is 22 by Taylor Swift. HAHA just kidding :p

Birthday Celebration from BF's family :)

Birthday Celebration from BF’s family 🙂


xox ♥



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