TUTORIAL // Cleaning Make Up Brushes & Beauty Blender

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I’ve been wanting to do this post since forever but I alwaaaays forgotten to do it. Oh well. And since now I have bought a phone holder, so it makes it easier for me to take pictures/videos for a blogpost. So for me, it’s like a tripod. Kinda.

So few days ago I went online to a beauty forum and saw a user said that she just bought her Beauty Blender a month ago and now it’s destroyed. Like, the BB has tiny black spots, it crumbles a bit etc. So I thought, why not make a blogpost on cleaning brushes and BB too? Since my first BB lasted almost a year and just about a month ago I tossed the old one and get a new BB.

First off, some people doesn’t own a lot of makeup brushes thus they feel that they don’t need to clean it so often, and second, they think that since they’re the only person who uses the brushes, they don’t feel the need to wash it as it only touches their face and not others. Okay, I’m telling you now, YOU’RE WRONG. SO WRONG. Why? Let me tell you why.

Why you need to wash your make up brushes & sponges ?

♦ Old make up residue & dust

♦ Bacteria

♦ Dead skin cells

All the points mentioned above are the reasons why you get breakouts on your face. When you apply your makeup using buffing brush for example, you’re buffing the foundation into your skin and at the same time your brush also picks up dead skin cells on the surface of your skin. Also, when you store your makeup brushes with an open container, your brushes tend to catch dusts that flies around in the air. Bacteria is also one of the important factor because if you are an makeup artist and you didn’t wash your brush or at least spot clean them and you put it on someone’s face then the next day put it on another person’s face, bacteria can transfer easily. There’s even a case where a girl uses her friend’s makeup brush to cover her blemishes and ended up getting a disease that causes her to be paralyzed. Intense huh? Now you understand.

One needs to clean their makeup brushes once a week, or at least once every 2 weeks with spot cleaning (I use Sephora’s Brush Cleanser) in between. I usually clean my makeup brushes every week, but normally on Mondays or days when I’m not going anywhere or days when I’m not using a lot of makeup. I would wash them in the morning or noon (12pm) and dry them out below the ceiling fan or let them air dry beside a window. My makeup brushes dries within 24 hours, sometimes even lesser than that if I put them below the ceiling fan.

What do you need to clean a makeup brush?

1. A towel → To dry the brushes after being washed

2. A brush egg → To make cleaning brushes easier (obviously)

3. A brush cleaner → I use Daiso’s Puff & Sponge Detergent. Works wonders on my dirtiest brushes and BB! And best part is, it’s only RM 5.30 (GST included *add side eye emoji here*). Although there are lots and lots of brush cleaner liquids sold, you can simply use a normal bar of soap or baby shampoo. No need to get all fancy.

4. Your dirty brushes → Actually I just washed them few days ago and didn’t really use them much up to today, but for the purpose of creating this blogpost, I make them as dirty as they can be.

5. Your dirty sponges → I actually forgotten to put the BB into the picture, so sorry 😦

Step-by-step on how to clean makeup brushes :

Step 1 : Wet the dirty brush, be careful not to make the ferrule (the silver thing that binds the bristles/hair together) wet as it can make the glue loose and thus make the brush shed. Then dip it into the soap mixture (I mixed the Daiso detergent and Mane & Tail Shampoo with 50:50 ratio)

Step 2 : Swirl the brush on to the brush egg to work up the lather under running water (I use warm-hot water to eliminate bacteria). Continue to do so until the bristles (brush hair) appears clean.

Step 3 : Rinse the brush under running water and squeeze out the excess water out of the bristles.

Step 4 : Brush it on to the cloth to reshape the bristles. Then lay the brushes flat on the towel to air dry.

Watch how it’s done here and turn on the subtitle/CC ! ◊    (I’ve lost the clip so I filmed a new one in my Youtube Channel)


Step-by-step on how to clean beauty blender sponges :

Step 1 : Under running warm-hot water, wet the Beauty Blender

Step 2 : Squeeze a small amount of Daiso cleanser onto the palm of your hand

Step 3 : Work out a lather by rolling the Beauty Blender with both hands, massaging the sponge to clean it. Careful not to damage the sponge with fingernails. Continue to do so until all the makeup residue washes away

Step 4 : Under the running water, rinse out the sponge. Continuously squeezing it until there’s no more traces of soap

Step 5 : Wipe the Beauty Blender using a towel and put it on top of the canister to air dry

Watch how it’s done here and turn on the subtitle/CC ! ◊    (I’ve lost the clip so I filmed a new one in my Youtube Channel)


It is that easy! So no more excuses!!

♠ With proper cleaning, your makeup brushes & sponges should last longer than 3-4 months (from what I had experienced).

♠ Toss away makeup brushes when they start to shed (brush hairs falling out)

♠ Toss away beauty blender when it starts to have molds, cracks and obviously if it looks worn out to you!

Moldy Beauty Blender

Courtesy of insidemywonderlanddotcom.wordpress.com

Courtesy of insidemywonderlanddotcom.wordpress.com

♠ DO NOT dry brushes using hair dryer! Alwaaaaaaays let them air dry for at least 24 hours

♠ Try to invest in Brush Guards in order to keep the bristles in shape after washing

Brush Guard

Here’s how I dry mine (obviously I have more brushes than this but all these were dirty and the others are still clean) :

Clean brushes!

Clean brushes!

xox ♥



4 thoughts on “TUTORIAL // Cleaning Make Up Brushes & Beauty Blender

  1. Hi there, thanks for be advice! ❤
    I would just say to be very careful about the temperature of the water you are using to clean your brushes. I'm a painter, and know from experience that if you use hot water, it will cause the metal ferrule to expand and that's why you get shedding. If you want to use warmer water, also have a cold tap running to 'shock' the ferrule not into expanding to keep your brushes longer! 🙂


  2. Hi! How often do you clean your beauty blender and where do you put it to let it dry? I put mine on top of the plastic case and when it was small again it would get inside it. But it grew mold after one month


    • Hi. I try to wash it every time I finish doing my makeup. I don’t like to re-use dirty BB. I’d wash it at night and let it air-dry, put it on top of the plastic canister that came with the BB, it should be dry overnight. Maybe you didn’t really clean it thoroughly. There should be no soap residue after you wash it. 🙂 hope it helps


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