REVIEW // Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip

Hello hello! I know there must be a LOT of review posts of this Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip Liquid Lipsticks by other blogger but if you do stay around with me then.. *kiss kiss* THANK YOU! I lub yu ♥

Again with the liquid lipstick hype, comes Colourpop Cosmetics’ Ultra Matte Lip collection. It’s been out in the market for quite a while now and it’s getting a wholelotta’ love especially since it’s soooo affordable ($6) in contrast to the market price of most mid to high end liquid lipsticks ($19-20).

For the Ultra Matte Lip (UML) liquid lipsticks, Colourpop provides a wide array of shades ranging from nudes to deep dark vampy shades (which is now all the hype!)

Let’s talk packaging! The packaging of Colourpop’s UML is pretty basic and simple with chrome-ish twist up cap and clear tube to show the shade of the lipstick. The UML comes with a doe foot applicator which is pretty much the same as with other brands of liquid lipsticks. The applicator is pretty good and easy to use as it glides smoothly on the lips. Although you may want to scrap off the excess product if you want a clean and precise application.


The formula of these liquid lipsticks are quite good which I’m pretty impressed about as it doesn’t give that tacky feeling like the LA Girl Flat Matte Lip Gloss. And the texture itself is pretty lightweight as the consistency of the formula is quite liquid-y unlike Stila’s one which has a more moussy texture. I like the fact that the formula doesn’t dry my lips out as some liquid lipsticks tends to do so. It is best to apply with one (1) layer of the liquid lipstick but if you do want to build the consistency of the color, try to scrap the excess product on the doe foot applicator and apply 1 layer then wait around 5 seconds or so till it dries out a bit and go on with the second layer. Based on my experience, it doesn’t and won’t clump if you apply the 2nd layer almost immediately before the 1st layer fully dries. Most of the time, I won’t reapply liquid lipsticks as it tends to have good longevity unless I eat oily foods. But if you do want to reapply, same technique as i said before, apply in thin layer so it doesn’t clump.

Some shades does comes off a tad bit patchy (mostly the ones with lighter shades) and some applies smoothly and has high pigmentation with just one (1) layer of application.


  • Prep your lips well as liquid lipsticks tends to dry out the lips (Exfoliate, Moisturize with Lip Balm – I use EOS lip balm)
  • For a cleaner application, use lip pencil and lip brush
  • Apply with a thin layer to avoid clumping of products
  • Don’t ‘smack’ your lips when it’s still wet, it will move the product and make it look a bit patchy

Shades :

1st Base ♥ mid- tone true pink

Avenue ♥ deep yellow red

Beeper ♥ warm mid-tone taupe

Buds ♥ shocking neon pink

Bumble ♥ dusty warm terracotta

Chilly Chili ♥ muted plummy brown

Clueless ♥ dusty mauve pink

Creeper ♥ true classic blue red

Donut ♥ bright peach

Drive In ♥ mid-tone bright magenta

First Class ♥ vivid orange red

Highball ♥ hot red- pink

LAX ♥ vampy blackened red

Lychee ♥ bright warm violet

Mars ♥ red fuchsia

Midi ♥ soft neutral beige

Ouiji ♥ bright coral red

Tulle ♥ dusty mauve burgundy

Likes : 

♠ Easy application with the doe foot applicator

♠ So many colors to choose from

♠ Uber affordable of course

♠ Not tacky / sticky when you ‘smack’ your lips together

Dislikes :

♣ Some lighter colors tends to apply a bit patchy

The Verdict :


★ ★ ★ ★


★ ★ ★ ★ 


★ ★ ★ ★ ★


★ ★ ★ ★

Other Info :

◊ Price : $ 6 / RM 40 – 50 (depends on currency & availability – pre-orders are mostly cheaper than ready stock items)

◊ Availability : (but I got mine from various online instagram shop in Malaysia, just search for #colourpopmalaysia)

◊ Status : Permanent

xox ♥



4 thoughts on “REVIEW // Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip

  1. Hii indri…I know you from FD
    Kaya kita punya skin tone samaan nihhh..after liat2 IG kamu…
    Koleksi CPOP kamuu lengkap bgt y..
    Aku punya 6 uml, sollow, donut,crepper,midi,tulle satu lgii lupaa.
    Paling suka sama crepper, Dan paling benci sama midi..


  2. I have yet to finish ny review on this! Lol. Colourpop is amazing I reviewed their eyeshadow recently. Untung di indo lumayan gampang dapetin nya yaa :)) love the review! Xx


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