REVIEW // Morphe Brushes 35T Taupe Pro Palette

Hello Hello! It seems like I haven’t been reviewing eyeshadow palette for a while now. Well here ya go!

Morphe Brushes has been a household name for quite sometime now thanks to the big youtuber out there who has been raving about the brand (and get paid, let’s get real ok). And it gets me curious on what’s the hype all about. Loads of them said that it’s uber pigmented and you get more bang for your bucks as you get 35 shadows with only $22.99 (RM 130-170, depending on from which online seller you buy it) for the whole palette. Well the price point is truly right as it’s very affordable as opposed to say, Urban Decay’s Naked Palette which is now RM 215 (SAY WHAT?!). Well without any further adieu, let’s get on to the review, shall we? 🙂

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