BEAUTY 101 // Makeup Primer :: Flawless Face Essential ?

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DISCLAIMER : This is my personal opinion and from what I understand about makeup. May not be 100% correct. I am merely sharing information.

I wanted to write a new topic here on my blog. Just because I thought some of you who are reading this are new to makeup or doesn’t wear much makeup but wonders how to properly doll up yourself. I’m not gonna talk about skincare because different people has different skincare regime, so you do you, whatever suits your skin.

Now, Let’s talk about primer. Do you prime your face prior to applying makeup? Or do you just slap it on right after your skincare? Is primer that important? Do you really need a primer to get a flawless makeup? But wait, what is a primer, you say? Well let me explain to you, my friend. A make up primer is a base for your foundation or better yet, a base for your makeup. Primer helps your makeup to last longer and make your makeup application goes on more smoothly. It acts as a barrier between your skin and your makeup. It also helps to prevent breakouts that sometimes a makeup ingredient can do to your skin. For example, some people I know complains that certain products gave them breakouts (redness, acne, etc) and asked me what products is best for them that doesn’t make their skin breakout. I’d normally say it’s not about which products to use, it’s about how you tackle the problem. I’d told them that maybe you should use primer (if you haven’t) that suits to your skin type in order to prevent breakouts. Why? Well the primer as I said before, it acts like a barrier, so your makeup lays on top of the primer instead of directly seeping into your pores, which normally can cause breakouts.

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